Monday, 6 February 2012

Now the Brave Maldives Police Officers are leading the rebellion against the Dictatorship of Mohamed Nasheed and his unlawful acts against the State.

Not even in his wildest did Dictator Nasheed think that he would be disobeyed by the Officers in the Maldives Police Service. He though just like the Military under Moosa Ali Jaleel’s command the Police will obey his every command and will keep on carrying out the illegal arrests and unlawful crackdown on peaceful protestors.

Tonight however the Maldives Police Service has shown that they are made of something else, that the blue blood that runs through their vein is only patriotic and will never be swayed by evil dictators of the day like Mohamed Nasheed.

The Maldives Police rose against Nasheed’s Dictatorship; rebelled against his commands and said they will no longer engage in any kind of illegal activities on his command. The Military thought just like the way they cattle and beat up the Maldivian people, they can do the same against the Police revolutionaries but they couldn’t. The numbers that joined the rebellion grew as the day developed and now the Maldives Police Officers in their blue Uniform have filled the Maldives Independent Square.

The Military several times tried using their weapons on the Police officials, but they were held back by their own defected Military officials. Dictator Nasheed thought he could get away with the Military arresting anyone he likes, just like the way he got the Military to arrest Judges of the Judiciary and hold them in solitary confinement. However today was a wakeup call?

The Police revolutionaries are protected by the Civilians protesting in the area calling for the restoration of a civilian government, release of Judge Abdulla as well as pleading with the Military personals to stand on the path of the truth. The Military officials that defected barricaded the Military’s attempt to attack the Police rebellions. Therefore they were unable to do anything.

Then Dictator thought that they will be very scared if his very dictatorial but small frame appears in the Independent Square. He came to order them but pleaded with them, but before he could utter anymore words, the Police revolutionaries started chanting for his resignation.

Dictator Nasheed got so angry he started retorting back with a huge scowl on his face, but then the Military General and Dictator’s Eunuch Moosa Ali Jaleel and Tholhath the crony Military Minister appointed by him dragged him away into the Military HQ.

We are with you all the way our blooded brothers and sisters in the Police Service. Fight the people’s cause and show that you will never engage in an unlawful act no matter what’s at stake.

Political Situation in Maldives deteriorates with more than 1000 Police officers joining the protest and calling for Dictator Nasheed to step down

Dictator Nasheed adamant on taking over the Maldives Judiciary locked up Judges about 3 weeks ago and incited anti-government protests. The Protestors were at first attacked and arrested by the Military along with help from the Maldives Police.

However the Maldives Police finally have said enough is enough and they refused to protect the Dictatorship of the man who uses the Police and the Military to imprison opposition Politicians unsuspecting civilians and most of all Judges of the Independent Power the Judiciary.
The Maldives Police tonight while the protest was in full swing, refused to obey the Military’s order to arrest and attack civilians.

Tonight more than thousand officers have gathered and are sitting in the Independent Square calling for Dictator Nasheed’s resignation. Dictator Nasheed is said to be in hiding surrounded by the Military that is behaving more like a Paramilitary thug force owned by him.

The bravery of the Maldives Police Service is commendable. Every time Dictator Nasheed wants something he incites violence by using the Military to arrest his perceived enemies. Finally could this be the last time ever he does that? We hope so.

Unconfirmed news claims that the Police Commissioner and the Assistant Commissioner has resigned and are joining the protesting Police Officers while the Military is arresting Police Officers and Civilian Protestors alike.

We hope and pray that this Dictatorship will end so that we can breathe peacefully in the Maldives. Having no government is better than a government of terrorist Nasheed run by his corrupted crony MDP thugs consisting of ex-prisoners porn stars and thieves. They have degraded the image of the country with their drinking, drug use and engage in illicit sexual behaviours.

The peace loving country of Maldives is commending the Police Officers that defected and rose against the Dictatorship having said enough is enough.

Maldives suffers the consequences of Dictator Mohamed Nasheed’s failed state. The Military along with the ruling party thugs take law in their hands and have arrested more than 100 Police officers keeping them hostage inside the MDP tent while their thugs put fire to the Private TV Chanel VTV’s building

The Maldives Military along with the ruling party thugs are attacking peaceful protestors and Officers of the Maldives Police Service while the thugs are putting fire to anywhere they can, mainly premises that belong to the main opposition parties.

Brutal Military attack on the Maldives Police Officers started tonight with the Military accusing the Police Officers of defection when they refused to beat, pepper spray and arrest peaceful protestors. The assault carried on the peaceful protestors that participated in the protests against the government for the last 3 weeks led to victims fighting for their lives in ICU units across various hospitals in the Capital Male’.

Some of the victims include, Amnesty International’s Prisoner of Conscience Journalist Sandhaanu Ahamaidhee, who as we speak remains fighting for his life in the ICU connected to a ventilator after been attacked by 3 Military officers with a poisonous spray.

We are calling the Military to stop their assault on an independent force the Maldives Police Service and also to end their violent crackdown on peaceful protestors to please a Dictator that is worse than Hitler, and has only his self interest in mind..

Ruling MDP thugs and Military are trying to protect the failed rule of Dictator Mohamed Nasheed. He has openly declared that he will act outside the Constitution use power of decree to do whatever he likes and no one can imagine what evil he do to protect his self-interests. After naming the Maldives Judiciary with the intention of taking control over the Judiciary; he arrested Judge Abdulla with the help of the Military. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Maldives Judiciary except that he cannot buy the Judges the way he bought MP’s to secure the Parliament.

Nasheed’s whole family for generation have been terrorists. His grandfather was the terrorist that imported a gun to kill the first President of the second Republic Ibrahim Nasir. His father and his uncle masterminded the attempted Coup that killed 20 Maldivians in 1988. He himself is the terrorist that tried to blow the famous Conference whole Dharubaaruge during the SAARC conference in 1991.

The man is a terrorist, his party is filled with thugs and ex-prisoners and drug addicts. His government from top to bottom were engaged in bearing themselves in the World Wide Web engaging in sex with themselves, while to keep his regime going he has sold all the state assets including the Maldives National Airport that is leading to the death of Tourism due to airlines stopping their flights to Maldives due to the hiked price.

We are calling on international intervention in bringing a peaceful transition to the country and an immediate instalment of a transitional government. Meanwhile we are calling on the military to stop behaving like eunuch slaves to terrorist Nasheed and his terrorist group MDP and save the country from this highly violent anarchical terrorist group.

Maldives Military goes made; attacks the Maldives Police Service Officers active in tonight’s anti-government protests and are arresting every Police officers they can put their hands on

Dictator Nasheed is using the Maldives Military to attack the Maldives Police service and the Military have so far have arrested 20 Police Officers.

 While attempting to arrest any they can lay their own hands on, the Military is using extreme force on both the Maldives Police Officers as well as the peaceful protestors. At the same time the ruling MDP thugs are attacking the anti-government protestors with rocks, huge chunks of wood etc.

According to local news, the Police refused to use force and beat the protestors up as much as the Military wanted. The Military accused them of defection and have ordered the arrest of all Police officers.

Nasheed has established Military rule from day one and Moosa Ali Jameel the head of the army has been the protector of the Dictatorship using violence to stop protests; arrest of Judges, and politicians as per Nasheed’s wishes.

Tonight the country lands in anarchy with his dictatorial protectors attacking the Police and unarmed Civilian. Tonight the streets of the Capital Male’ is a horror scene that we Maldivian never have and never wanted to see, but Dictator Mohamed Nasheed is refusing to release the Judges he arrested although he himself to a foreign journalist from Reuters confessed that his arrest and continued solitary confinement of Judge Abdulla is Human Rights abuse of the most serious sort.

We are calling the people not to engage in violence and stay out of areas where the ruling MDP Party thugs and the Military are active. News emerged that the ruling MDP thugs just now attacked the Assistant Police Commissioner’s House and put fire to his house while his family is still inside; while they have put fire to VTV the largest privately owned TV network.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A man who promised to be a democratic leader keeps Judges under Military arrest and continues with the suspension of Judges Salaries, while employed gangs of ex-prisoners to attack peaceful protestors

Maldives wasted three years under President Nasheed, with the media, parliament, and the executive all under his control. As if it is not enough now he is trying to claim the Judiciary by any mean possible.

Politically Nasheed has no ideology, economically he has destroyed the nation by selling the nation’s biggest asset, the national airport to the vulturistic GMR a company from India that has tripled ground handling charges and fuel sure charges to a level, Airlines such as Qatar, Sri Lankan and even Thomson are stopping their flights to Maldives; therefore indirectly damaging the country’s basic economic activity the Tourism Sector.

The man has his uncles, nephews and nieces running the show for him, often engaging in the abuse of state funds to maintain control within and also maintain their high maintenance life styles.

Nasheed belongs to a family that has been engaging in terrorist activities, from his grandfather’s attempt to assassinate Former President Nasir, to his uncle and many other family members’ involvement in the execution of a Coup in 1988 against President Maumoon. Finally when he got there he is all about maintaining his Presidency, nothing else.

He claims that he is the Commander Chief of the Military and the Police and attempted to control the Judiciary by locking up Judge Abdulla. While Judge Abdulla remains under solitary confinement in a Military base the people have been protesting against his arrest for over 3 weeks. Brutal attacks against peaceful protestors left victims in ICU while the heavy handed crackdown continues with 400 arrests made in 2 weeks.

He is continuing his reign of terror refusing to release Judge Abdulla, withholding the Judges salaries as well as declaring that the Judiciary is suspended until he is allowed to have his way with it. We thought the UN announcement that they will send a team next week will slow his reign of terror down, however he is causing more and more anarchy, by employing gangs constituting of prisoners he released in the name of second opportunity. They were reckless in their attacks against opposition members and tonight they cut off the cable and damaged the transmission of the Private TV Chanel Dhitv.

Police cut off Dhi-TV's transmission of the Protest while GMR to whom Anni gifted the airport holds Qatar Airways hostage

Hum Aid said: Fuluhun dhitv ge cable buri kohlaifi kamah dhuvahu noos haveeru online in bunefi... Dhitv in ves vany cable eh buri kolikan kashavru koh dheefa... Namaves buri kuri ba eh dhitv adhi bunefa eh nuvey... Dhitv cable buri kohli kamugai viyas adhives VTV aa Dhitv in dhany muzaaharaa LIVE kuramun... Fuluhun ge mi amalu maldives journalist association in dhenme vany kuhveri koffa...

Hum Aid also said, Breaking News: Miadhu GMR in Qatar Airways ge flight eh 2 gadi iru vandhen furiyah nudhee hifahataafai vaathy maadhan Qatar Airways in rajje ah schedule koffai vaa 2 flight cancel koffi kan Qatar Airways in rasmee koh angaifi... Adhi Mikamu ge sababun rajje annan hama jehifai vaa etha satheyka fathuru verinah maadhan rajje naadheveyne kamuge mauloomaathu vany libifa...

According to Sun Newspaper, A Qatar Airways flight was grounded at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport for two hours tonight. GMR claimed overdue payments as a reason for not allowing the flight to depart. Qatar Airways has recently warned against discontinuation of the operation of flights to Maldives. Sri Lankan Airlines has also made the decision to cease the operation of direct flights between Maldives and Europe. Thomson is considering a reduction in the number of flights to the Maldives.

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